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SpongeBob SquarePants Typing
windows Windows
By: The Learning Company
Age(s): 7 and up

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Learn to type the SpongeBob way!

Dive right into the step-by-step typing tutorial that's awash with waterlogged hilarity and all your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants friends! Now kids of all ages can learn to type with SpongeBob! Get ready to master keyboarding! Navigate through Bikini Bottom and help SpongeBob and his friends compete in the Bikini Bottom Typing Tournament, and improve your typing skills along the way.

The Practice Area is set in Jellyfish Fields, where you can play Practice exercises to improve your typing skills. Here you will be able to choose short passages about Bikini Bottom and its residents, as well as other interesting sea facts. enter the Lesson Area and compete in the Bikini Bottom Typing Tournament. You will compete with SpongeBob against various Bikini Bottom characters. Type your way to the Finals, where you will compete to be the Bikini Bottom Typing Tournament Champion! Games are set up all over Glove World. These games provide a fun way to practice your typing skills.

SpongeBob SquarePants Typing features five exciting games with different themes to build your typing speed, accuracy, and rhythm. Your typing progress is not tracked in the Games Menu. The more advanced your typing skills, the more fun and challenging the games will be.


* Arcade-style learning activities
* Game mode or practice mode
* 3 levels of challenge
* Tracks typing, speed, and accuracy


Lessons are separated into three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner level typing speed is 5 WPM (words per minute), the Intermediate level is 11 WPM, and the Advanced level is 15 WPM. Each Lesson consists of a tutorial, a drill, keystroke practice, an activity, and a quiz to determine your progress. Lesson content starts with the basics and builds on accumulated knowledge. Games played as part of a lesson will only contain content learned up to that point. There are five rounds to play, and three Finals. Each round contains three to four lessons, and has a different opponent. Completing a round earns you a Certificate, which you can print if you have a printer installed. To complete each round you must pass a test. To pass, you must type at least 60% accuracy of the all of the test correctly, and you must type at least 30% accuracy for each of the letters learned in the current round. Once you complete the Beginner and Intermediate lessons, you will be able to choose one of the three advanced lessons (the Finals). The advanced lessons' goals are based on WPM (word per minute).


* Proper posture
* Hand and finger placement
* Home row keys
* Keyboard awareness
* Common letter combinations
* Capital letters, numbers and punctuation

Lesson Chart

Lesson 1: a s d f
Lesson 2: j k l ;
Lesson 3: e i
Lesson 4: g h '
Lesson 5: r u
Lesson 6: t y
Lesson 7: q w o p
Lesson 8: v b n m
Lesson 9: z x c
Lesson 10: , .
Lesson 11: Uppercase
Lesson 12: Uppercase
Lesson 13: ? " :
Lesson 14: 1 2 3
Lesson 15: 4 5 6
Lesson 16: 7 8
Lesson 17: 9 0
Advanced: 15 wpm
Advanced 20 wpm
Advanced 25 wpm


Glove World 500
A fun, fast paced racing game that helps build your typing speed. The object of the game is to stay ahead of Squidward by typing as quickly and as correctly as you can. To play Glove World 500, type each character shown on Boaty's dashboard as quickly as possible. Each time you make an error, seaweed splats on your windshield. If too much seaweed splats on your windshield, the game ends.

A Star is Born
This game builds your accuracy skills. The object of the game is to dress Patrick up in elaborate costumes by typing the words found on his house. Type three words to dress Patrick in one piece of clothing. Typing two or three words of the same color will dress Patrick up in a piece of clothing matching the outfit indicated by the colored rocks in the bottom left corner of the screen. Patrick will get a random piece of clothing if you type three different colored words. The piece chosen will be one of the three different styles that you typed. Patrick needs five pieces of clothing to be fully dressed. If you make an error, the game will not advance until you type the correct letter. Each word begins with a different letter. For example, if the word "Game" appears, no other on-screen word begins with the letter "G." Once you type the first letter of a word, you need to complete that word before starting another one. You may not backspace. The timer is located in the bottom right of the screen. The time given depends on the level and lesson you are currently on. Winning the game depends on quick and accurate typing. Patrick appears on-screen after you finish dressing him up. You lose the game if you type too slowly and your time runs out.

Doh Ray Me
SpongeBob enjoys the occasional undersea melody – in the key of sea, of course. In this activity, you can choose a melody from SpongeBob's jukebox, and then 'play' that melody by typing letters that appear as bubbles on your keyboard. If you type the keys correctly, you will hear a song from your favorite Bikini Bottom musician: Squidward, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks or Mr. Krabs.

Snail's Pace Race
It's the Bikini Bottom Stakes snail race, and Gary is up against his archrival, the paint-drying-quick Slime Biscuit. The race takes place on the ocean floor in Bikini Bottom. It is designed to improve your speed and accuracy. The faster and more correctly you type, the faster Gary goes. Stay ahead of Slime Biscuit to win the game. If your time runs out and Slime Biscuit reaches the end line before Gary, or you make too many mistakes, Slime Biscuit wins.

Senseless Patrick
In a freak domestic accident involving a cotton swab, an inflatable easy chair, and a violent sneeze, Patrick has lost all five of his seldom-used senses. In a gallant attempt to save his unfortunate friend, SpongeBob has miniaturized himself (using Mermaidman's mesmeric belt), and has entered Patrick's head -- and he intends to knock some sense back into his friend! You can help SpongeBob move through a maze inside Patrick's head. Type any letter next to SpongeBob to move through the maze. Avoid the nasty Antibodies, or dispel them by stopping on a ‘thought tangle'. Once you complete the Thought Tangle, all of the Antibodies are expelled from Patrick's head. Watch out! These pesky guys will come back and try to kick SpongeBob out, too. You must collect all of Patrick's five lost senses to restore them to some measure of usefulness.

System Requirements

Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP (Vista - as tested by Children's Software Online)

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Item Number: 1351

UPC: 5016488111324

Availability: In Stock

Product Weight: 1 lbs.

Packaging: Sleeve

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