Berenstain Bears Get In A Fight

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The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight


Two great stories in one box. Wonderful adaptations of the well known Berenstain Bears, from Living Books.

In Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight, Brother Bear and Sister Bear cannot seem to get along.  See what happens and how they resolve their problems. Kids know that everyone gets mad, lots of time at family members.  How do Brother and Sister handle their feelings.  How do they overcome being mad and how do Mom and Dad help.

The beautiful story, Berenstain Bears Afraid of the Dark helps kids learn about fears and how they can be overcome.

Kids love the Living Books with great stories, beautiful graphics and tons of clickable hotspots.  Text is highlighted as the story is read increasing reading comprehension and confidence.  Kids can also click on individual words to hear them read.

Choose to have the story read to you or play in the story.  You can interact with the story in English or Spanish.

This is a wonderful collection for one low price.

System Requirements:  Windows 3.1, 95+,  2X CD-ROM, 256 color SVGA, Windows compatible sound card.  MAC System 7.0+, 256 Color SVGA.  System requirements are always minimum.




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