Bear’s Sense of Adventure – Bear in the Big Blue House Adventure

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Bear’s Sense of Adventure

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Kids 3-6 discover the five senses with Bear, Ojo and all their favorite characters from the Big Blue House. This CD is based on the hit TV show, Bear in the Big Blue House.

Bear has a great sense of smell. He is sniffing for berries and other things to make a tripleberry pie. Berries are scattered all over the Big Blue House and kids find all sorts of fun activities while searching.

Pip and Pop are in the kitchen. There is a fun concentration game to play and  children can help make Pip and Pop’s famous clam dip. Children learn all about the sense of taste with their crazy animal friends.

Ojo is building a house for her friend Snow Bear to help kids learn about touch. There is also a fun globe that players click to help Ojo imagine adventurous stories.

Kids choose the toy chest in Bear’s bedroom to build noisy toys with Treelo. There is also a fun game to make music with Treelo. Kids learn all about the sense of hearing the fun and noisy way.

Tutter the mouse is redecorating his mouse house. Children learn about the sense of sight while helping Tutter with his house. There is also a fun maze game to play with Tutter.

This is a wonderful program that will help kids explore the five senses, tasting, touching, hearing, seeing and smelling. Kids learn so much while playing with Bear in the Big Blue House.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98 (works on Windows XP), Pentium 90 MHz+, 16 MB RAM, 50 MB free disk space, 4X CD-ROM, 256 colors, (also works on high color 600X800), 16-bit sound card.




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