Battleship by Hasbro Interactive

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The classic naval strategy game played in households for years comes alive on CD-ROM.

This is Battleship like you have never seen it before. Naval, air and undersea battle video and sound effects make this game realistic and action packed.

Players choose Classic Battleship or Ultimate Battleship. Play against the computer or a friend with hot seat play for up to four players. Serious gamers can compete over the internet, LAN or modem to modem.

Ultimate Battleship includes four practice missions, 16 scenarios like Tank Search, Island Hunt and Sitting Duck. There are also 16 scenarios to World Domination.

Battleship has grown up, forget about the pegs.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95 (works on Windows ME), Pentium 75 MHz+, 4X CD-ROM, 16 MB RAM, SoundBlaster compatible sound card, 2MB SVGA card. Must run in 256 colors.

We were not able to run this program on Windows XP.

Modem required for internet play.




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