Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: The Music Game


Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: The Music Game

By: Music Games International
Age(s): 5 to 14

Packaging: DVD Case
Product ID# 1283

Hear the music and the stories, read the composer’s biography, play listening games, enjoy musical jigsaws, puzzles and trivia, explore The Animated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments, and more. Match instruments with their sounds and match melodic phrases. Kids will improve audio and visual memory, critical listening and thinking skills, problem solving, pattern recognition, music vocabulary and more. An entertaining and challenging game for all ages.
Games, Puzzles & Much More!


* 7 Music games
* 19 Musical Jigsaw Puzzles
* 8 Truly Twisted Music Riddles
* The Orchestra Game
* Vivaldi’s Biography
* An Animated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments
* Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Hamburg Chamber Orchestra)


A brilliant title! – USA Today

It is so much fun, most appealing to children! – The New York Times

Brilliantly conceived and radiantly executed!San Jose Mercury News

Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a children’s software program where critical thinking skills meet the classics, problem-solving meets poetry, music appreciation meets magic and creativity meets quality, computer-based, musical education. It’s not just another Name that Tune or rip off of the old Simon game where you have to identify the tune in four notes or play it back note for note. This software takes the whole music appreciation genre for kids to new heights. Bravo! – Children’s Software Press

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Windows 98 or higher

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Item Number: 1283

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Packaging: DVD Case


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