Adventure Workshop: Preschool-1st Grade (4cd set + DVD)

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adventure_workshop_Preschool_1st_grade.jpg Adventure Workshop: Preschool-1st Grade (4cd set + DVD)

By: The Learning Company
Age(s): 4 to 7

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3 Award-Winning Titles for 1 Low Price – Super Value.

4 Full-Version Preschool-1st Grade Favorites That Make Learning Fun!


Preschoolers through first graders will enjoy four CD-ROM titles in this collection along with an added bonus DVD sure to enhance learning at home in a fun, interactive way.

Run, jump and race through Elwood City on a madcap quest to retrieve Arthur’s runaway critters. Join Blue on a fun-filled adventure to write the Big News Gazette. Learn early math skills and play games in a fun amusement park with Reader Rabbit. Explore 26 interactive pages from a classic children’s book and learn ABC’s plus more than 600 words and 14 original songs.


Arthur’s Pet Chase CD
Blues Clues Reading Time Activities CD
Reader Rabbit’s Math Ages 4-6 CD
Living Books Dr. Seuss ABC CD

Arthur’s Pet Chase

When Arthur opens a pet-sitting business, adventure is sure to follow! In this arcade-style caper, kids help Arthur chase through the streets of Elwood City in search of his missing pets. Five unique environments keep the fun fresh! Lovable Arthur piles on the fun in this lively arcade-style romp. Featuring five unique play environments, each with six distinct levels of challenge, Arthur’s Pet Chase promises hours of stimulating play.

Skills Learned:

Critical Thinking
Recognizing Patterns
Organizing Information
Decision Making


Navigate through five fascinating worlds as you chase the runaway pets.
Progress through multiple levels of challenge.
Help Arthur activate special powers like x-ray vision and bionic bunny strength!
Find all 30 pets and save the day!
Filled with fun, challenge and problem solving

Blues Clues Reading Time Activities

Preschoolers work with Blue and Steve to create their own newspaper, the Big News Gazette, while practicing basic reading skills. Players design newspapers by completing reading-based activities such as word matching and interviewing to compile and collect news stories, which are then added to the paper. Reading activities relate to the various newspaper sections and help teach skills such as reading comprehension, word recognition and vocabulary.

In the storymaker kids make stories with cards that have pictures and words. After stories are created they are read aloud and can then be put in the Gazette. Children find cards all over Blue’s world to add to the storymaker. Outside is a fun card game to play with Little Paprika, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Children match cards with pictures and words. The first one to match all their cards wins. Mailbox has the scoop on some news but the stories are not finished. Blue needs help to find the chicks party hats at the farm and find a flag for a sandcastle at the beach. There are more fun stories to explore and complete at the farm, beach and neighborhood.

In addition to the fun activities, Blue’s world is filled with words that are read aloud when children click on them. Some of the reading activities featured in Blue’s Reading Time Activities include Interviews, a choose-your-own-adventure type game, which allows kids to answer questions to create their own stories, and Dictionary, which encourages preschoolers to match words and definitions with pictures in five different scenes such as Back Yard and Beach. Never before seen characters such as Dot, Fan, Sarge Ant and Scanner introduce skills essential to reading in this fun, yet structured, curriculum-based program.

Skills Learned:

Word and Letter recognition
Comprehension and Prediction
Listening comprehension


Collect words to build stories
Investigate the neighborhood for the latest news
Interview Blue’s friends so they can illustrate their stories
Play a round of the word-match card game
Words are read aloud when children click on them

Reader Rabbit’s Math Ages 4-6

Spend a day at the park where math is your ticket to thrilling rides and fun-filled games! Join Reader Rabbit and friends as they hop along from the arcade to the roller coaster, using numbers to solve puzzles and win great prizes.

Skills Learned:

Number Relationships
Memory Building

15 action-packed games & activities
Multiple levels of challenge
20+ math skills and concepts

Living Books Dr. Seuss’ ABCs

The magic of Dr. Seuss’s popular books comes to life in this fun-filled introduction to the ABCs of reading. With Dr. Seuss’s special brand of humor, rhyme and illustration there’s never a dull moment. Only Dr. Seuss and Living Books could make the alphabet so unpredictably entertaining. More than 400 alphabetically inspired surprises hidden within 26 pages show children that learning words and letters can be fun and even silly! Izzy and Ichabod guide young readers through this action-packed title featuring Seuss’s distinctive brand of humor, rhyme, and illustration.

Living Books, which invented interactive storybooks, has dazzled children, parents and the computer world with memorable characters, sound effects, original music and charming animation. The original Dr. Seuss’s ABC Beginner Book included.

A is for amazing alphabet!
B is for beginning readers.
C is for clicking on curious characters.
Unlike a printed primer, this Living Book creates a responsive environment in which children make the connection between sounds, symbols and words. On each page, a touch of the mouse awakens funny talking characters, zany sound effects and an original soundtrack.

Click on a noun and see its picture.
Click on a verb to see an action.
Click here to see Aunt Annie riding on an Alligator.
Click there to meet a Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz.
It’s easy for kids to replay a favorite part, skip ahead and learn more than 600 different words while they play

Skills Learned:

Letter Recognition
Listening Skills
Word Pronunciation


Learn over 600 words in a fun-filled interactive environment
Over 400 alphabetically inspired surprises
Make connections between sounds, symbols, and words
Sing ABC song with story guides Izzy and Icabod

System Requirements

Windows 2000 SP4, XP (Home and Pro) SP2, Vista Note: Some of the programs may require Windows Compatibility mode to run on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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