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We have children's educational software, school software (academic versions), and kids computer games for reading, math and typing to enhance learning skills.  Titles include Thomas the Tank Engine, Elmo, Barbie, Sesame Street, Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Blue's Clues, Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hasbro Interactive and more. We also provide School Software Discounts and Software Packages. 


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Bible Non-reader (special needs)
Dinosaurs/Animals Planes, Trains & Automobiles
ESL/Bilingual and ASL Playsets (CD w/accessories)
Just for Boys Sports
Just for Girls TV Characters
Little Golden Books/ Living Books Typing Software
Music & Art Software  


All Children's Software Products
3D Mahjongg
Africa Trail
Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons: The Music Game
All-Time Favorite Games (USB Software)
AMA Family Medical Guide
Amazing Animals
Amazon Trail 3: Rainforest Adventures
Arthur's 1st Grade
Arthur's 2nd Grade
Arthur's Birthday
Arthur's Kindergarten (2cd Set)
Arthur's Reading Games
Arthur's Adventures with D.W.
Arthur's Thinking Games Software
Axis & Allies
Backyard Basketball
Bailey's Book House Software
Beginners Bible New Testament
Bob the Builder Can-Do Zoo Software
Books by You
Britannica Puzzle Potpourri
Britannica Sudoku Unlimited
Britannica Word Search
Britannica World's Best Solitaire
Caillou Alphabet
Caillou Colors & Shapes
Caillou Counting Software
Caillou Four Seasons of Fun Software
Caillou Magic Playhouse
Caillou Party Fun & Games Software
Canvastic (Version 3.5)
Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective
Carmen Sandiego Math Detective
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective
Carmen Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge
Castle Explorer
Championship Chess
Children's Bible Stories Software
Nicktoons Racing Software
Children's Talking Dictionary
Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients
Click & Create with Mia
Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading
Clifford the Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures
Cluefinders 5th Grade Adventures Software
Cluefinders 6th Grade Adventures: Empire of the Plant People
Cluefinders Mystery Mansion Arcade Software
ClueFinders Mystery of the Missing Amulet Software
Cluefinders Reading Adventures Ages 9-12 Software (2cd Set)
Cluefinders Search & Solve Adventures Software (2cd Set)
Cluefinders: The Incredible Toy Store Adventure Software
Code Head: Calculated Risk Software
Code Head: X-Treme Culture
Colby T-Rex KidzMouse - Child Sized Optical Mouse
Crayola Dazzling Decorations
Crayola Vehicle Voyages Magic 3D Coloring Book
Cyberchase Carnival Chaos
Cyberchase Castleblanca Quest
Dally Dinosaur Teaches Animals
Dally Dinosaur Teaches Colors
Dally Dinosaur Teaches Numbers
Dally Dinosaur Teaches Shapes
Dally Dinosaur Teaches the Alphabet
Diggiditto Smart Document Camera DC596
Diggiditto Smart Document Camera DC896
Diner Dash
Dinosaur Hunter
Dinosaur Hunter 2.1
Discover Computers with Mr. Forgetful
Discover English
Discover Geography
Discover History
Discover Math
Discover Science
Disney Piglet's Big Game
Disney Pixar Learning 2nd & 3rd Grade w/Buzz (2cd Set)
Disney Princess Cinderella's Castle Designer
Disney's Hercules Animated Storybook
Disney's Magic Artist 3D
Disney's Magic Artist DVD Picture Show
DK Sports Math: Decimals Made Easy
DK Sports Math: Fractions Made Easy
Doggie Dash
Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure
Dr. Brain Action Reaction
Dr. Brain Mind Venture
Dr. Brain Thinking Games
Dr. Seuss ABC
Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Software
Easy Bass
Easy Dog Training & Care (DVD)
Easy Drums
Easy Piano
Easy Yoga (DVD)
EazySpeak French
Encyclopedia Britannica Student Library
Encyclopedia Britannica: The Wonderful Language of Nature
Encyclopedia of Endangered Wildlife
Encyclopedia of Our Living Oceans
ESL (Bilingual) Software Package
Etch A Sketch Software
Eyewitness 3D World Atlas
Fashion Dash
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of The Haunted Schoolhouse
Freddi Fish 3: Case of The Stolen Conch Shell
Freddi Fish 4 Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch
Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries
Freddi Fish and The Case of The Missing Kelp Seeds
Fun with Grammar! Software
Fun with Multiplication & Division! Software
Fun with Phonics! Software
Fun with Reading & Writing! Software
Garfield: It's All About Colors, Shapes, & Time - Kindergarten Software
Garfield: It's All About Letters & Words - Preschool Software
Garfield: It's All About Math - 1st Grade Software
Garfield: It's All About Numbers & Counting - Preschool Software
Garfield: It's All About Numbers & Counting Toddler
Garfield: It's All About Reading & Phonics - 1st Grade Software
Garfield: It's All About Thinking Skills - Kindergarten Software
Garfield: It's All About Vocabulary & Spelling - 1st Grade Software
Garfield: It's All About Writing & Grammar - 1st Grade Software
Garfield: It's All About Writing & Grammar - 2nd Grade
Girl Detective Roaring Twenties
Got It! Student Response System
Grammar Made Easy
Harry and the Haunted House
Healthy Living
Hot Wheels Crash!
Hot Wheels Jetz
Hot Wheels Mechanix
Household Hints (DVD)
Hoyle Poker Series
I Love Phonics! Software
I Love Science! Software
I Love Spelling! Software
I Love the USA! Software
I Spy Fantasy (CD-ROM with Mini CD & Book)
I Spy Junior
Infrared/USB Headphones (Wireless)
Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Earns His Wings
Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Sky Heroes to the Rescue
JumpStart 1st Grade Software
JumpStart 2nd Grade Software
JumpStart 3D Virtual World: My First Adventure
JumpStart 3D Virtual World: Quest For The Color Meister
JumpStart 3D Virtual World: Trouble in Town
JumpStart 3rd Grade Software
JumpStart 4th Grade
JumpStart 5th Grade Software
JumpStart 6th Grade Software
JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten (4cd Set)
JumpStart Animal Adventures
JumpStart Artist Software
JumpStart Explorers Software
JumpStart Kindergarten
Jumpstart Languages
JumpStart Phonics - Read and Rhyme
JumpStart Preschool
JumpStart Reading for First Graders
JumpStart Spelling
JumpStart Spy Masters: Max Strikes Back
JumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster
JumpStart Study Helpers Math Booster
JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee
JumpStart Toddlers
JumpStart Typing Software
Kid Pix Deluxe 3
Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition
Kid Pix Studio Deluxe
Kid Science: Biology
Kid Science: Biology Experiments (DVD)
Kid Science: Chemistry
Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments (DVD)
Kid Science: Frog Dissection
Kid Science: Frog Dissection (DVD)
Kid Science: Gross & Icky Science
Kid Science: Gross Science (DVD)
Kid Science: Human Body
Kid Science: Nature
Kid Science: Nature Experiments (DVD)
Kid Science: Physics
Kid Science: Physics Experiments (DVD)
Kid Science: Pig Dissection
Kid Science: Science Fun
Kid Science: Worm Dissection (DVD)
Kids Computer Package (Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones)
Kids' Atlas
Kids' Photography Secrets (DVD)
Kids' Sudoku!
KinderBoard (Color coded computer keyboard)
Learn 9 Languages with Aesop's Fables
Learn 9 Languages with Beauty & the Beast
Learn 9 Languages with Cinderella
Learn to Speak English
Learn to Speak French
Learn to Speak Spanish
LEGO Alpha Team
LEGO Bionicle (2cd Set)
LEGO Creator
LEGO Creator Knights Kingdom
LEGO Drome Racers
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
LEGO My Style Kindergarten
LEGO Racers 2
LEGO Soccer Mania
Leonardo The Inventor 2.0
LessonBoard (Color coded computer keyboard)
Let's Explore Mars Software
Let's Explore Space Missions Software
Let's Explore The Galaxy Software
Let's Explore The Solar System Software
Let's Explore The Sun & Moon Software
Let's Go Read! 1: An Island Adventure
Let's Go Read! 2: An Ocean Adventure
Let's Make Cards & Invitations
Let's Make Posters & Stickers
Let's Learn About Location & Direction
Let's Learn About Measurement & Units Software
Let's Learn About Money & Economics Software
Let's Learn About Temperature & Weather Software
Let's Learn About Time & Date Software
Listening First Headphone Pack
Little Bear Kindergarten Thinking Adventures
Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adventures Software
Little Bear Rainy Day Activities Software
Little Polar Bear and the Great Bear
Luminos Overhead Projector
Madeline 1st Grade Math
Madeline 2nd Grade Classroom Companion
Madeline 2nd Grade Math
Madeline Magnificent Puppet Show
Madeline Thinking Games
Magician's Secrets (DVD)
Math Arcade Software
Math Blaster Ages 6-8 Software
Math Blaster Ages 7-9 Software
Math Blaster Ages 9-12 Software
Math for the Real World
Math Missions: The Race to Spectacle City Arcade - Grades K-2
Math Munchers Deluxe Software
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Version 18
Mia's Math Adventure: Just in Time! (2cd Set)
Mighty Math Astro Algebra
Mighty Math Calculating Crew
Mighty Math Carnival Countdown
Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry
Mighty Math Number Heroes Software
Millie's Math House
Mindtwister Math
Miss Management
Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition
Mozart's Musical Adventure
My First CD-ROM Preschool
My First CD-ROM Toddler
My First Math Adventure: Adding & Subtracting Software
My First Math Adventure: Counting and Sorting
My First Reading Adventure: Now I'm Reading!
Ohio Distinctive Software (for Schools ONLY)
Pajama Sam 1 No Need to Hide..Dark Outside
Pajama Sam 3 You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
Pajama Sam: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff!
Peanuts: It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown!
Performer Plus PLC with Media Player
Performer Plus Audio Pods Stereo Listening Center
Pet Shop Hop
Piano for Kids
Pilates for Beginners (DVD)
Pilates Intermediate Program (DVD)
Pilates Pre-Natal Program (DVD)
Pilates Principles (DVD)
Preschool Smart Pod - Language, Reasoning, and Music
PrintShop Home & Office Labels
Punctuation Made Easy
Putt Putt Joins the Circus Software
Quickstart American Sign Language
Quickstart Audio French (2cds)
Quickstart English
Quickstart French
QuickStart German
Quickstart Italian
Quickstart Multilingual Dictionary Deluxe
Quickstart Polish
Quickstart Russian
Quickstart Spanish
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine!
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures!
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Bounce Down in Balloon Town Software
Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics (Network Version)
Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics! Preschool - Kindergarten (2cd Set)
Reader Rabbit Personalized 1st Grade (2cd Set)
Reader Rabbit Personalized 2nd Grade (2cd Set)
Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten (2cd Set)
Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Deluxe Ages 6-9 (2cd Set)
Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby & Toddler Software
Reader Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue
Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures Software
Reader Rabbit: Let's Start Learning! Software
Reading Blaster Ages 4-6
Reading Blaster Ages 6-8
Reading Blaster Ages 9-12
Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions
Sammy's Science House Software
School House Rock! 1st - 4th Grade Math Essentials (2cd Set)
Schooltown 1st Grade
Schooltown 2nd Grade
Schooltown 3rd Grade
Schooltown 4th Grade
Schooltown 5th Grade
Schooltown 6th Grade
Schooltown Middle School
Schooltown Preschool
Schooltown Toddlers
Science Arcade
Scooby Doo 4th Grade Learning System (2cd set plus DVD)
Sesame Street Elmo's World: Pets, Food & Telephones!
Sesame Street: Ernie's Adventures in Space
Smart Steps 1st Grade
Smart Steps 4th Grade
Speak & Learn French
Speak & Learn Italian
Speak & Learn Spanish
Speedstudy 6th Grade Fractions, Decimals & More
Speedstudy 6th Grade Language Arts
Speedstudy 6th Grade Math
Speedstudy 7th Grade Advanced Math
Speedstudy 7th Grade Language Arts
Speedstudy 7th Grade Math
Speedstudy 8th Grade Advanced Math
Speedstudy 8th Grade Language Arts
Speedstudy 8th Grade Math
Speedstudy Algebra 1
Speedstudy Algebra 2
Speedstudy Algebra Booster
Speedstudy Basic Statistics
Speedstudy Biology
Speedstudy Calculus
Speedstudy Chemistry
Speedstudy English Composition
Speedstudy English Grammar
Speedstudy English Vocabulary
Speedstudy Geometry
SpeedStudy Middle School Language Arts (3 Pack)
Speedstudy Physics 1
Speedstudy Physics 2
Speedstudy Pre Algebra
Speedstudy Pre Calculus
Speedstudy Speed Math
Speedstudy Statistics
Speedstudy Trigonometry
Speedstudy U.S. History
Spelling Bee
Spelling Blaster
SpongeBob Squarepants - Lights, Camera, Pants!
Spy Kids Mission: The Underground Affair
Spy Kids: The Candy Conspiracy
Spy Kids: The Nightmare Machine
Stanley's Sticker Stories
Starflyers: Alien Space Chase
Stellaluna Software
Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!
Superstart 1st Grade Math
Superstart 2nd Grade Math
Superstart 3rd Grade Math
Superstart 4th Grade Math
Superstart 5th Grade Math
Tank Battle
Tchaikovsky's Musical Adventure
The Adventures of Mr. Tickle
The Amazing Spider-Man Creative Studio
The Bible Library Micro Edition
The Bible Library Ultra Edition
The Bible's Greatest Stories: New Testament
The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist
The Italian Job
The New Way Things Work
The Nightshift Code
The Ultimate Nutcracker Audio CD/DVD/CD-ROM (3-Disc GIFT SET)
Thinkin' Science ZAP!
Thinkin' Things: All Around Frippletown
Thinkin' Things: Sky Island Mysteries
Thinkin' Things: Toony the Loon's Lagoon
Toddlers Smart Pod - Problem Solving, Art, and Memorization
Tonka Search & Rescue 2 Software
Tortoise and the Hare Software
Transformers Paint & Create
Travel the World with Timmy! Deluxe
Trudy's Time & Place House
*PROMO* TV Guide Multimedia Crossword Puzzles
Typing Arcade Software
Ultimate 3D Skeleton
Ultimate Human Body 2.2
Ultimate Writing & Creativity Center
Vivaldi's Musical Adventure
Wacky Farm
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Software
Where in the WORLD is Carmen Sandiego? Software
Wonders of Exploration
Wonders of Science
Wonders of the Ancient World
Wonders of the Modern World
Wonders of the Natural World
Word Explorer
Word Krispies
World Explorer Software
World of Dinosaurs
World of Insects
World of Reptiles
World of Wild Cats
Zoboomafoo Animal Kids
Zoombinis 3rd Grade Learning System (2cd set plus DVD)
Zoombinis Logical Journey Software
Zoombinis Mountain Rescue Software
Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox
Age Games: Animal Reader (Download)
JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade (4cd set) Software

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